Plasma pervades the Universe - from the solar wind that flows past the planets
to extragalactic jets streaming from a black hole accretion system.

Queen Mary is coordinator of an EC funded FP7 consortium of six groups spread across Europe: Project SHOCK
Project SHOCK


Astronomy Unit

Prof. David Burgess

Cluster Science Centre (at Imperial)

Interested in Plasma Astrophysics or Space Plasma Physics?

We welcome applications for STFC funded studentships for postgraduate research with projects in simulation and data analysis of space, solar and astrophysical plasmas. Visit the Astronomy Unit PhD web pages, and follow the links for Projects to find out about our research.
Or you can contact us directly by sending an email to Prof. David Burgess.

The Space and Astrophysical Plasmas group carries out research into the naturally occurring plasmas which pervade the solar system. We use state of the art numerical simulation and analysis of data from scientific spacecraft. The group has a broad range of interests, including the solar wind, plasma turbulence, collisionless shocks, plasma waves and instabilities, and reconnection. We have involvement in several spacecraft missions, including Cluster, Solar Orbiter and Solar Probe Plus.

The Space Plasma Group is part of the Astronomy Unit which carries out research in a wide range of areas from Cosmology to Solar System physics.

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